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back in time 
4th-Jan-2011 01:33 am - Mobile Q&A 12.30.2010
Death in silence
Translated by Risu at OC.

Subject: To Shinya-san

When editing songs that you've composed, which is easier to edit in? Windows or Apple? Or are you still composing using musical sheets? If there is a difference when using Windows and Apple, please share it with us.

Shinya: Instead of the difference between Windows and Apple, the difference will appear depending on the different softwares that you use so I can't really say which is easier to use but I think the combination of ProTools with Mac is the best/optimum.

Subject: To Toshiya-san

I am in charge of the bass in the DIR [EN GREY] copy band.
I want to play the bass standing straight up like Toshiya-san but just supporting it takes a lot of work.
Is there a way to easily play it upright that is related to the strap material or position of the strap pin?

Toshiya: Maybe it's related?

Subject: To Die-san

I also until recently used it but please tell us why Die-san used an onigiri [equilateral] pick and not a teardrop pick!

Die: Simply put, the teardrop pick was too small and kept on flying away. It would be difficult when I am cutting or playing arpeggios if it's not the onigiri [equilateral] shape.

Subject: To Kaoru-san

Because I idolize Kaoru-san I am playing guitar in the band.
By the way I am using Kaoru-san's model, the VP (Edwards)!
The sound is easy to use and since there is also a skull on it, I think it looks awesome and love it!! I also love the included strap and amp!
Because I've come to love the VP that if I were to buy my next guitar I'd want a VP!
I would like to ask if you are interested in creating an original model other than the VP in the future?
Or if you feel that "I will always going forward with the VP!" please tell us about the allure of the VP!

Kaoru: Thank you! My hands are small so I can't really get different kinds of guitars. If there is one guitar that is easy to play then I would want to keep on using it. But there are a lot of guitars I would like to try playing, like V.

Subject: To Kyo-san

What is Kyo-san's current goal?

Kyo: I would like to go further towards a place where nobody can reach as a singer.

Translator's Notes:
The fan was referring to a special set featuring an Edwards model of Kaoru's Viper guitar that included a strap and amp. Kaoru may be referring to the Flying V guitar models
28th-Jan-2009 11:46 am - 32 KERRANG! icons
kao-close up

[05] Die
[05] Kaoru
[09] Kyo
[04] Shinya
[05] Toshiya
[04] Group

[01] Die
[01] Kaoru
[02] Kyo
[01] Shinya
[01] Toshiya
[01] Die n Kaoru (manip-pic)


HERE at blacklaboratory
26th-Jan-2009 05:49 pm - Writerly prompting
kaoru stache
It's been a whileCollapse )

Enjoy, be inspired and write. May the muses be with you.
23rd-Jan-2009 11:59 am - 74 Haiiro no ginka 41 icons~
kao-close up


[18] Die
[11] Group
[12] Kaoru
[09] Kyo
[06] Shinya
[11] Toshiya
[12] Die and Kaoru


HERE at blacklaboratory
18th-Jan-2009 06:56 pm - Ebay-Sale CDs and autographed poster!
I hope this is allowed ^_^'

I sell some Dir en grey items on Ebay: http://shop.ebay.de/merchant/namida_desu_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ
> Dozing Green
> Withering to death.
> Poster from tour 2006 autographed by Kaoru
14th-Jan-2009 06:50 pm - [req.] SHANKARA

okay, now have I just been blind or something, but I have been searching Shankara scans since peoples are posting icons of it here. Has someone scanned it already? o__o Cuz really, I haven't seen them. Thanks for helping. <3

(oh, sorry about my bad english (_ _ ;) )

kao-close up

[83] Dir en Grey ~Shankara book~

[136] Vocalist Spam Post:
[32] Atsushi Sakurai (Buck-Tick)
[25] Mako (ex. Deadman)
[26] Tatsurou (MUCC)

[01-09] Satoshi (Girugamesh)
[10-14] Hazuki (lynch.)
[15-17] Hizumi (D'espairsRay)
[18-20] Jyuno (ex. Beau)
[21-31] Kiyoharu
[32-33] Kyuon (LAB. The Basement)
[34-40] Kyo (Dir en Grey)
[41-44] Mikaru (DIO)
[45-49] Ryutarou (Plastic Tree)
[50-53] Shuuji (Cali#Gari)


HERE at blacklaboratory
13th-Jan-2009 04:57 am - Quick question
Death in silence
Just curious if anyone recorded this:
BS ASAHI 「BEST HIT USA Special on New Year's Eve」 GUEST: Kaoru&Die

[7] Toshiya
[8] Kaoru/Shinya
[5] Kaoru/Toshiya
[11] Toshiya/Kaoru/Shinya
[4] Die/Kyo
[4] Die/Shinya [manip]
[4] Die/Kaoru [manip]
[2] Shinya/Toshiya [manip]
[3] Die/Toshiya [manip]
[3] Kyo/Toshiya/Shinya [manip]
[4] Kyo/Toshiya

001 002 003

10th-Jan-2009 04:38 am - dxk icons

dir en grey, miyavi, mao (sadie), super junior, dbsk, big bang, 2pm, ft. island, kat-tun, antique (kmovie), kingdom hearts, house.md, johnny depp + more~

total = 102 icons


here @ chippugp

*locked in 48hrs
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